Unboxing: Shaklee Delivery Today





And there you have it.
I ordered these on Friday, 13/2/2015 & received it today 17/2/2015. Just in time before the Chinese New Year holiday starts on Thursday, 19/2/2015.

I bought:

1 Vivix
2 Ostenatrix – currently on promotion. Buy 2 & get 5% off.
1 Lecithin – to assist my diet regime
1 B-Complex – Oh! How I miss this one for 1 month & my General Anxiety Disorder just reared it’s head!


Got to get my GAD under control or I’ll risk offending nice people around me who doesn’t really understand this GAD thingy.

Salam sayang,


Shaklee Independent Distributor #928995
H/P no: +60122794197
Email: huda.mahmud@gmail.com


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