When I had GAD


When I had GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) there was one phase where I was in pain all the time. Any kind of pain. Sometimes its in my leg, sometimes my chest, sometimes in my stomach. Just anywhere. I know now that the physical pain that I felt was actually a manifestation of the stress that was hiding @ inhibiting my mind. And so begin a phase where I will Google everyday the pain that I felt at that time.

For example; Stomach Pain

I will Google for:

“What causes pain on lower right abdomen?”

And when the result came out, I will start to freak out & start to ASSUME that I’m having one of the symptoms listed in that cause of illness. And I will Google some more. And I will freak out even more. Up until a point where I can’t even sleep worrying if I have cancer.

Looking back, I was being ridiculous. But if you have GAD, it is not, because the mind CAN’T STOP worrying. People with anxiety worries beyond logic reason. They can’t stop how they think, assume, worrying & panicking about everything & anything. It’s the chemical in the brain that’s playing havoc in our mind. Not our fault though. Anxiety & depression can happen to anyone, even the most brilliant mind & pious person.

So if you happened to worry more than you should be, maybe you can Google about Anxiety. Read the symptoms. You may have one.

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Salam sayang,

Huda Mahmud

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P/s: My B-Complex is running on empty. Cross my finger that I’ll be fine until end of January 2015 when I can stock up my supplies


2 thoughts on “When I had GAD

  1. Wow! This is sooo true. It can happen to anyone. Perhaps due to our unhealthy lifestyles, heavy workloads, less sleep and healthy way too much fast food, may contribute to imbalance hormones. And on top of that stress can also contribute to being a worry-ward. Lols. I too at times google symptoms of certain pain. *slaps forehead silly*

    1. True to all that you said!
      I think that’s what fuel my anxiety even further too. Chicken & egg situation.
      Thinking that I have cancer & all kinds of weird ailments, when in actual fact its just my mind messing with my brain.

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