BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014


Last Saturday, 11/10/2014, I finally participated in Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014 after months of waiting. I participated in the 5km Fun Run with my good friend, a first actually, as I’ve been joining fun runs/walkathons alone.

The night was full of excitement as there were thousands of runnera. The motto for this year’s marathon was NIGHT RUNNER: NULLI SECUNDUS and the running bib is yellow in colour. Last year’s marathon was QUIT AT NEVER with a flourescent orange running bib. I was also on a personal mission to reduce my weight by 31kg. Yes! I’m obese according to BMI standards.



2 of my brothers also participated in this marathon. Brother no.3 is running the Full Marathon for the 1st time & brother no.5 is also running his 1st ever Half Marathon. Their race started at 8.00pm & 8.30pm respectively. The 10km race & my fun run started at 8.45pm & 9.00pm respectively.



My personal achievement during the fun run was I managed to run 1km non-stop before I continued with brisk walking for the rest of the 4km. Haha. A big achievement I tell you as compared to what I managed 2 weeks ago in the Pink Charity Run 2014.

But still I was sweating, puffing & aching my muscles trying to finish the event. My friend initially had the intentention of crossing over to the other side of the route & give up. But she managed to overcome that feeling & continued to finish the fun run with me. This was her 1st time running & she love it. I think everyone should join marathon even just once in their lifetime.




Yeay! I got my finisher medal & certificate of participation.

Ok now I’m going to tell you what I took that helps me in my fun run. I took Shaklee supplements of course! And the combination is this:


1. ESP Soy Protein Isolate Powder – taken 2 hours before the run to fuel me & keep me from feeling hungry. Also it helps to make me feel full & avoid solid food as eating food may cause heartburn as what I experienced last year.

2. Performance Orange – drank during the race to keep me hydrated longer.

3. Omega Guard – taken 3 capsules immediately after I finished the fun run. This helps to subside the swollen muscle & prevent sore muscle the next day.

4. Ostematrix – taken 4 caplets before I went to bed. Magnesium in Ostematrix helps to ‘massage’ our muscle & let it relax.

And Alhamdulillah in 3 days, I don’t suffer from any muscle ache. Usually, it’ll take me about 7 days. And I hate it so much even if I know it means my muscles are functioning. However, the pain is of muscle ache that lingers on, has cut my enthusiasm to execise.

But now no more!
I have found my ‘magic potion’ to exercise and I can’t wait to run some more. I’m targetting that by next year’s Putrajaya Nighr Marathon, I’m going to run the 10km race!

Salam sayang,

Huda Mahmud
Shaklee ID No.: 928995
H/p no.: 012-2794197 (SMS / WhatsApp / Telegram ONLY)

P/s: Exercise lessen stress & anxiety and I’m inviting you guys to join one.


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