The Pink Charity Run 2014


Today, 28/9/2014, is the first time I joined The Pink Charity Run 2014 & my 2nd 5km marathon of the year. The Pink Charity Run is organized by Pantai Hospital in support and awareness of breast cancer.


I started my day at 5.30am with 5 tablets of Alfalfa Complex, 1 tablet of Sustained Release Vita-C & 1 tablet of Zinc Complex. Well, this is my normal morning supplement routine anyway for detox & strengthening my immune system. I learned the hard way in my 1st ever marathon last year that you don’t run when you just ate 2 hours before. It will give you heartburn which really hurts.

So in order not to run on empty stomach too, but not wanting to eat something 1 1/2 hour before the race, the best option for me is Mealshake & ESP – Soy Protein Isolate Powder. My favourite source of protein shakes to energize the body so early in the morning for the race. I just mix few spoonful of both powder in a shaker & shake!


As a preparation to hydrate myself during the race, I also prepared my special marathon drinks – Performance Orange mix with Cinch Tea Mix. Performance Orange is known to hydrate the body faster than the usual isotonic drinks and taste less sweet. It is used by American athletes to make world record! Cinch Tea Mix is a drink that helps to increase your metabolism. I really need it as I was quite sleepy! Haha.


After Subuh at 5.50am I drove from Sg Buloh to Setia Alam in Klang. When I reach there around 6.30am, the road leading to the Setia Welcoming Centre, the starting point of the race, was already full of cars! I had to detour & parked 500m away from the Centre. At 6.45am while I was still walking towards the Starting Line, the organizer let off the 12km run participant. My 5km run started at 7am.


I mostly walk all the way with some small jogs here and there. I saw everyone did the same anyway. Haha. Well, it is more of a family event than a professional race. With running, it doesn’t what age you are, it’s never too late to start. And here I am, a 35 year old, obese woman just starting to run walking is more like it.


I finishes my race in 1 hour 2 minutes. A normal time for walking 5km. I didn’t even stop to have a drink at the water station. My Performance Orange & Cinch Tea Mix kept me going. My legs did felt at one point it wanted to stop but I focus my mind ahead and keep saying, “You’re going to finish it. Just keep going!” And finish I did.


Yeay! And I got a medal too. You know, those medals that you get in a race is what kept me going. After the race I watched all the the top 10 winners received their trophy. The top 5 received a watch sponsored by Seiko. The veterans run quite fast too! I’m in awe of them as I can’t run properly yet & I’m much younger.


Tonigh I need to take my other supplement, Ostematrix, which will help to relax the muscle. This will lessen the muscle sore which I normally experience the day after the race. What can I say, I seldom exercise & my muscle are not used to running. But Ostematrix really helps a lot because sore muscle is what puts me off when I want to exercise.


Overall, I had a wondeful day. I have 2 more marathons to go for this year which is Putrajaya Night Marathon on 11/10/2014 and Standard Chartered KL Marathon on 12/10/2014. A back to back race
Oh my! What have I got myself into??

Salam sayang,

Huda Mahmud
Shaklee ID No.: 928995
H/p No.: 012-2794197 (SMS / WhatsApp / Telegram)


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