Shaklee Difference


Since joining my Shaklee business last year, the effect it had on me had been slow & steady & growing. I did not think that I’d be at this level today if it’s not for the fact that I ‘reluctantly’ join Shaklee. I say ‘reluctantly’ because I had no clear idea why I wanted to join the Shaklee family, although I’m an ardent user of their products.

Making Shaklee as a business, we must have a clear goal why we wanted it. For me it was not about the money. It’s about sharing the joy I enjoyed while using their product. I had my ups & down in sharing the benefits of Shaklee as my intention at that time was of course making money. I wanted so badly for people to buy from me. I upload photos on Instagram, FB page, this blog & any online medium that I could use, but it got me nowhere. I was really, really frustrated until the point it got me thinking, “Why am I doing this?”.

It was a soulsearching journey for the past year. I had to do some introspective. I had to look deep into my heart why I wanted to do this. To tell the truth, although I’m happy using Shaklee products, I was not happy with me handling the business aspect of Shaklee. I was really demotivated by others success. Not that I’m jealous, but I feel like I have to measure up to them, when in fact I’m a totally different person. I work best when alone & not seeing others success all the time, in FB timeline that is. Once in a while its ok, as I need some measurement of where I am in my journey to success.

Anyway, I’m happy now sharing the Shaklee Effect with you. I notice some change in my attitude, my habit & my thinking. I now don’t like mindless idle talk, negative talk, negative postings on my FB timeline (that’s why I seldom log in now), pondering on problems instead of focusing on the solution & spending time doing nothing. Even now, while my TV is switched on, I’m actually focusing in updating this blog (I need noise to stimulate my brain).

I now wake up early in the morning & be in the office so early which was the opposite previously. I don’t focus on complaining about everything now as I’m more content in being calm & believe that everything is good. Indeed it will, if you will it to be!


I now feel the joy of sharing my experience with other anxiety sufferers. That’s the reason why this blog was set up in the first place. It makes me happy when strangers contact me just to talk or share about their anxiety because I feel in Malaysia, this is one of the psychological problem that we don’t discuss about openly because in Asian culture you don’t really talk about it. I know that some of my readers out there is suffering alone. I’ve been there. But don’t worry, I’m here to lend an ear & share with you my experience.

I believe that with supplements & exercise, anxiety can be controlles. For those on medication for anxiety, you better ask your Doctors first.

Have a good & healthy day ahead everyone.

Salam sayang,

Huda Mahmud
Shaklee ID No.: 928995
H/p No.: 012-2794197 (SMS / WhatsApp / Telegram)


2 thoughts on “Shaklee Difference

  1. Salaams wb dear sis. I remember the first time when I sparked with Shaklee. I toos at first was thinking ‘another MLM’ company. But after much research & self-experiment I started to love Shaklee coz their green and they work wonderous. Let’s spark together! Visit my blog toos at

    1. Wsalam Sis.

      Thank you for dropping by my website. I visited your too. And I love your story. Lets continue to USE, SHARE & BUILD Shaklee to all the people out there

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