Of Marathon: My New Like


I’m quite new with all this marathon/walkathon thingy. In fact just under a year. I started joining my first ever marathon in Putrajaya, Malaysia by accident at the persuasion of my brother who runs every day. It was night marathon & I join the 5km fun run route. I walked rather than run all the way. My brother joined the half-marathon that night.

Since then I’ve joined 2 more marathon & walkathon. All 5km route. This month I’ll be joining the Pink Charity Run on 28/9/2014, also a 5km run & next month in October after Raya Haji, I’ll be joining my 2nd 5km Putrajaya Night Marathon on 11/10/2014. The next morning on 12/10/2014 I’ll be joining Standard Chartered KL Marathon also a 5km route. My brother commented on my Instagram, “5km je?” (5km only?), well at least I’m starting somewhere aren’t I? For someone who never runs all her life, this is quite challenging! Anyway, my 2 brothers will be joining the Putrajaya Night Marathon too but theirs will be the Half Marathon & Full Marathon. My best friend who will be joining for the 1st time too will take part in the 5km run! Yeay, I’m happy :):)


The race kit for Putrajaya Night Marathon is already here. Can’t wait to run this time, as you may have read my past entry regarding last year marathon that I suffered from heart burn due to my own mistake!

This year I’m going to take care of my diet properly.

First thing, when I feel hungry 2-3hours before the race, I’ll take Cinch Shake Mix & ESP mix with yoghurt drink so that I’ll feel full much longer.


During the race, rather than drink the isotonic drinks provided at the 2.5km check point, I’ll just drink Performance Orange to dehydrate as it is well known to be used amongst athletes in the US. If you’ve tasted Performance you’ll find that it is not as sweet tasting as the other isotonic drink. Plus, Performance can reduce muscle ache & cramps after the marathon


Before sleep, I need to take Ostematrix so that I will not have sore muscle, which is a normal occurence for someone who doesn’t run that much. Plus I have another marathon the next morning (Oh! What have I got myself into?!)


Well, that is all the supplement I need to assist my body in the run.

You can have all these too if you’re taking up running for the 1st time. Let’s run for health!

Salam sayang,
Huda Mahmud
Shaklee ID No.: 928995
H/p No.: 012-2794197 (SMS / WhatsApp / Telegram)
Email: huda.mahmud@gmail.com


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