DTX Complex: A Try


I have always never cared about my liver or ‘hati’ in Malay, because in Malaysia we don’t care much for these things unless of course we’re suffering from major health problems. With tasty & gorgeous foods available 24/7/365, we eat all the time! And it doesn’t help that all these tasty foods are mostly oily & fattening. So, it makes sense why we don’t really care much about the liver which is wrong actually because the liver is like the main factory of the body – managing all the toxin entering our body, the fats, the sugar.

For me, when I started consuming Shaklee I tried almost all of their products. I was really concern of my liver because I was getting sluggish due to all those oily & fatty diets and hazy weather (which was really bad this year), I decided why not try DTX Complex to detox my liver.




With Shizandra, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Reishi Mushroom, Tumeric & Artichoke extracts it works natutally to detox the liver.



DTX Complex are to be taken 3 caplets daily but I normally take it once a week because I’m taking Alfalfa Complex daily. So far, DTX Complex really works. I normally take it before bed and the next morning I’ll fart quite a lot (you can get the same effect with Peppermint Ginger Plus) & a trip to the toilet. Haha. Seems my liver is detoxifying itself from all the toxins it has absobed the whole week.

If you have hepatitis, you can try DTX Complex (consult your Doctor first) because it can protect the liver, encourage growth of liver cells & repairing the liver function.

For people with kidney problem, DTX Complex can help in excreting all the ‘bahan buangan’ (forgot the terms in English 😜)

DTX Complex can also asist people with psoriasis & eczema due to the dandelion & milk thistle extract which have anti-inflamation property.

Well, I guess you can also Google for more information on DTX Complex. Until then, till we meet again in my next posting.


Salam sayang,

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H/p no.: 012-2794197 (SMS / WhatsApp / Telegram)
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