Anxiety: Kisah Kami


People with anxiety tend to be attracted to one another. We tend to look for people who have a similar condition.

This few months strangers been contacting me wanting to talk about anxiety. I always felt that anxiety don’t really happened to Malay people. But it turns out I was wrong. There’s a lot of Malay women who suffers from anxiety. And normally we were prescribed benziodiazepines by Doctors (not by psychiatrist most of the time)

* Benzodiazepines includes alprazolam (Xanax), chlordiazepoxide (Librium) & diazepam (Valium)

I was prescribed 0.5mg Xanax. Turns out benziodiazepines works for some but not recommended for long-term use.


Long term use may lead to depression, dependence, grogginess & memory problem.

I’m lucky as I manage to find an alternative to treat my anxiety other than drugs. I found Shaklee.

B-COMPLEX are and still is the main supplement that I take daily without fail for the past year – 2 tablets a day. It really, really helped calms me down. It helps to keep my mind focus & happy!


OSTEMATRIX is the next supplement I incorporated in my daily diet. Taken 4 caplets before I sleep helps me get a good quality sleep without waking up frequently in the middle of the night. Sleep as every anxiety sufferrer knows is a big problem. A very big problem. That’s why I was prescribe Xanac in the 1st place.


OMEGA GUARD which a has a good quality Omega-3 from deep sea fish is another dietary supplement I added into my diet. It helps build up the brain cells which I believe is very much disconnected when under stress.


I know it may not be much to some serious anxiety sufferer. But it can be a start if you want to substitute drugs slowly with supplements. It may take months or even years. And they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms for the first few months. This is especially for anxiety sufferer who’d have taken Xanax for years.

But ask yourself this, are you willing to pump in drugs into your body untik you’re old? Or are you willing to suffer a bit for your body to heal naturally?

It’s not an easy decision because it affects very much our mental emotion. But don’t worry Shaklee products can be taken with your meds. Just as long as it’s taken 2 hours apart.

For some, they may suffer from anxiety attack

I hope my posting here will help anxiety sufferer out there. I may not know how they feel as I never had one. But here’s a tip for you;


I hope it helps. And may Allah ease your suffering.




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