Healing Crisis


Vitamins & supplements are GOOD food for our body. If you have never taken supplements all your life, chances are you may experience healing crisis or also known as ‘Herxheimer Reaction , in the first few days or weeks of consumption.

Don’t be alarmed!

This shows that your body is reacting to all the toxins that has been stored in you all your life & your body is dumping it at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of.

The symptoms are temporary & will disappear after a while. So don’t stop taking your supplements.

You may experience the following healing crisis & it’s causes:

  1. Lethargy/Sleepiness – acidic body, poor liver function, over exhausted, need more rest
  2. Headache/Heavy headed – high blood pressure, sign of detoxification
  3. Fever, slight fever, restlessness – increase metabolism, stimulate body immune function
  4. Diarrhea, increase bowel movements, passing out dark & smelly stool, foul-smelling urine – sign of detoxification, accumulated waste & residue in the colon
  5. Flatulence, gassy stomach – poor digestive system
  6. Break out rashes, itchy skin, bad sweat, mucus secretion, dandruff – poor liver function, poor colon health & elimination system
  7. Mucus production such as phlegm, running nose – poor lung function, passing of phlegm is also a sign of detoxification
  8. Nasal bleeding – may be a sign of anemia
  9. Muscles & joints ache & pain – acidic body, toxins accumulated at the affected area
  10. Increased pain in affected part of the body – speed up the healing process
  11. Insomnia or hyperactive – poor nervous system
  12. Irregular period, changes in period, itchy bottom, increased mucus secretion – hormonal imbalance, in the process of hormone regulation
  13. Bleeding with bowel movements – may be haemorrhoid
  14. Dizzines, hunger – hypoglycemia, anemia
  15. Nausea, constipation, hiccups – poor digestive system, liver problem
  16. Slight edema (swelling) – kidney problem

Truthfully, after consuming Shaklee products for nearly 4 month now I have endured 10 out of the 16 list of healing crisis above. That’s about 62.5%!

It shows how bad was the condition of my body without me even realising it. Now I feel healthier, happy, energetic & no more muscle & joint pains.

If you want to be healthy too, start now. It’s never to late.

Feel free to contact me & I will provide free consultation tailored specifically to your needs.

Salam sayang

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