My Vitamins Adventure So Far


I’m into my 4th months of consuming Shaklee supplements now & I can say that the results has been amazing! I can tell you that I’ve had no major migraine attacks every month during this time with only 1 @ 2 attacks which was mostly caused due to hot weather.

I’m consuming only healthy food and have been avoiding coffee this 4 months. Fatty food, oily food, sweet food, salty food & all sorts of junk food does not go down well with my tummy. If I do consume more than I should, I’ll have a very BAD stomachache! Plain water is a must have for me with minimum 2 litres everyday. Carbonated drinks & sugary drinks are drinks I prefer not to take if possible.

For the past for months I took the following vitamins daily for my overall health & well being:

– Vita-Lea with Iron Formula
– B-Complex with Folic Acid
– Alfalfa Complex
– Energized Soy Protein
– Lecithin
– Omega Guard

and the results were so good that I have to share it with you!

I experience the followings:

* high energy from morning till night
* good mood all day
* good bowel movement
* feeling full for half a day with ESP+Alfalfa
* more focus with no wandering of the mind every 5 minutes. LOL
* good sleep. Even with less sleep, you still feel good.
* moist skin. I tell you, I’m not even wearing compact powder nowadays. Just the normal moituriser with SPF protections. Even when I’m on site all day, my skin does not go dark.

So there you go. If you are busy like me & feeling overwhelmed with all the going ons in your life, feel free to contact me for solutions to your problem. I will provide free consultations especially tailored to your needs.


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