The Story of Alfalfa


Tonight I’m going to share with you the story of alfalfa.

Alfalfa is a storehouse of nutrients. It roots reaches 6m deep into the ground searching for nutrients & minerals. The leaves gather large amounts of chlorophyll through photosinthesis process.

Alfalfa Complex is a Shaklee Signature Formula originally developed by Dr. Shaklee in the 1950’s. Shaklee’s Alfalfa Complex contains:

Natural Source of Alfalfa
– Each servings = 300mg of Calcium (approximately 1 glass of milk)

What is Alfalfa Complex main use?
It is used mostly for detoxifying one’s body. Combine with other Shaklee’s product – ESP & Lecithin – you have got yourself a complete slimming down set.

Alfalfa Complex

Nutrition facts

Ok, now that the basic information has been laid out, you may now want to know;

1. How many tablets per bottle?

330 tablets for Small size bottle
– 700 tablets for Large size bottle

2. How much tablets to take per day?

– The maximum intake daily is 10 tablets. You can take less than that.
– This means Small size bottle will last you about 33 days minimum & Large size bottle will last you 2 months plus minimum.

3. How much does it cost?

– Small size bottle = RM53.75 (RM1.63 daily)
– Large size bottle = RM97.50 (RM1.40 daily)

4. Is there any healing crisis when taking it for the first time?

– It depends on one’s body acceptance.
– In my experience I suffered migraines for 3 consecutive days when I took 10 tablets daily. After reducing my intake to 6 tablets daily & drinking lots of  water, I became better. Gradually after 2 weeks I increased my intake to 10 tablets daily with no problem.

5. Is the tablets difficult to swallow?

– It depends on a person.
– For me, I found it difficult to swallow because of the gritty texture of the tablets. It alwaya got stuck in my throat!
– To solve this (if you find it hard to swallow) you either can take it with banana or yoghurt drink. The velvety or sticky food will make it easier to swallow (for me at least).

6. When to take Alfalfa Complex?

– It depends on you. Taken in the morning during breakfast together with ESP, you will feel full until lunch time or more. You can take it before your dinner too.

7. So where can I get it?

– You can get it from me by leaving your comments below or SMS/Whatsapp to 0122794197

Salam sayang,

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