Bedtime Story


I’m going to tell you a story. Let say it was my short adventure for the past seven days. I’m going to be brutally honest. When I join Shaklee, my upline was assuming that I was going to do business with it & asked me what was real intention was. I honestly could not give a clear & concise answer so I said that I want to try first & know that someday I will make a business out of Shaklee. So I was inductd into the group that really focus on selling.

Now, if you ask why I am so worked up its because I don’t really know if I’m up for it. There was daily motivation via Facebook group & Whatsapp. But on the 3rd day when I became Shaklee Independent Distributor, I broke down in the office. I felt overwhelm that I have to sell the products to get points (might I remind you that Shaklee marketing plan is still an MLM company). I cried to my upline & became stressed out until it affect my sleep. No matter how many vitamins I consumed – B-complex, ESP, alfalfa, Vitalea – I could not shake myself of stress & sleeping problems. This my reader, proves a point that vitamins are not magic pills that can make your health problems disappear in a blink. If you have serious problems, you need to find the root cause & treat it.

In my case, the root of the problem is ‘WHY‘ . I still could not find the ‘Why’ as easily as other people. They know why they are doing business with Shaklee – to get more money, to be happy – but my quest for ‘Why’ usually takes longer to be answered. Even meeting with my upline’s upline doesn’t convince me enough. To me it was never about the money. Daily motivation was really getting to me. You see, postive reinforcements doesn’t really work for me because I question it’s honesty. But if I were to set negative reinforcements, normally that works for me, because I would go on a personal battle to defy the negative ideas & succeed.

So tonight after 7 days I have found my ‘Why’.

It is not about the business plan

It is about the products & the service I can provide you with. If you would like to buy & consult with me on Shaklee products, I’d be happy to be at your service because I love solving problems.

Starting from now, we will go on a new adventure together with Shaklee, & rest assured that I will be brutally honest about it.

Good night everyone! Now I’m really happy with Shaklee 🙂 because I totally LOVE the products.

Salam sayang


What's Your Adventure Today

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